Read Min’s Straight-Faced Review of ‘Cosmo For Guys’

Writing about boobs and sex noises is probably not part of the job description for writers at Min, that publication that provides breaking news for people in the publishing business. Min contains lots of serious articles about which ad sales reps have changed jobs and how to monetize content.

But that has changed, at least for today, with Minonline digital editor Steve Smith reviewing Hearst’s new Cosmo For Guys iPad magazine.

The gist: While Smith concedes that building an interactive iPad app is not cheap, it’s so much less expensive than launching a new magazine that Hearst could afford to put lots of interactive gizmos in. He writes, playing it straight:

The best thing about CFG is that it presses against the confines of magazine convention. Because they are not tasked with starting an “enhanced” version of a print entity, the creators have freed themselves to engage more interactive and real-time features than most mag apps we have seen… The features on women’s bedroom moans and the large collection of women recounting best sexual experiences are immeasurably more effective because you can tap audio samples and hear the narrative…

And like fantasy football, this app is filled with stats, almost all of them calculated in real time as users interact with the app. The best of these features in the CFG Sex Map, which monitors how women across the country are answering a set of burning questions like “Nipple biting: hot or not?” The page pulls in the current percentages as women enter their responses but also maps the binary responses on a map so you can see how the answers are running in your vicinity. This is fun and cool.

Smith goes on to compare and contrast other features (the 3D sex position models are “fun but less informative;” the quizzes are useless without a 3G connection) and ultimately gives the App a B+.

But we would have killed to be inside the newsroom when this story was being written.