RD Recap: Tyler Bleszinski Leaves SB Nation; Guardian US Grows West Coast Bureau

The latest media hirings and firings.

Revolving Door

Tyler Bleszinski is leaving SB Nation, the site he co-founded. What started as a blog dedicated to the Oakland Athletics grew into a massive, sprawling group of blogs covering the vast majority of teams and sports, and further morphed into what we now know as Vox Media. Not a bad path. “Combine working since I was 11, building a company – which can be all-consuming and something I’ve thought about 24/7 for the past 12 years – and the fact that I’ve just turned 44, and I’ve come to realize now is the best time to take a lengthy break to focus on my young family and recharge a very depleted battery,” Bleszinski wrote in a note announcing the news…

Self cuts more business-side staffers as Glamour publisher and chief revenue officer Connie Anne Phillips–who is now overseeing Self, too–looks to cut costs… Guardian US hires Nellie Bowles, Julia Carrie Wong and Danny Yadron for its West Coast bureau in San Francisco. They come from The California Sunday Magazine, SF Weekly and The Wall Street Journal. The publication also grabs former Grantlander Dave Schilling, who joins as writer at large… Read More