Rather Special: Dan’s Non Non-Disclosure and Other Notes

Plenty of day-two stories on Dan Rather‘s exit announcement from CBS. Recapping a few of them:

  • “Rather has not signed a nondisclosure agreement — and he has not agreed to rule out legal action against the network. In his final statement, Mr. Rather emphasized that he was leaving ‘before the term of my contract’ and wrote that CBS ‘had not lived up to their obligation to allow me to do substantive work.'” [Observer]
  • “Till the end, Mr. Rather had held out hope, urging his three-producer team in recent weeks to submit ‘bluesheets’ containing story pitches for the fall season of 60 Minutes.” [Observer]
  • “Smoldering anger was palpable.” [NYT]
  • “It is unlikely he will make an appearance at the fly-infested CBS News building on New York’s West 57th Street this week; the contents of his office — including the family Bible that was always opened to a different verse — have been removed and will be sent to him.” [Washington Post]
  • Rather is heading to the Catskills, then to Alaska to fish. [Washington Post via TVNewser]
  • Meanwhile, sources say the good-bye piece airing Friday will have less familiar faces than you’d think. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • “‘The media has been on this story like a raven on road kill.'” [Rocky Mountain News]

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