Quote of Note | Debbie Harry

Stephen Sprouse made many of my clothes in the beginning. I’ve tried to store my Sprouse pieces nicely. I don’t think a professional archivist would approve completely—they’d probably want acid-free paper and they’d pack them a bit looser. But at least they’re sealed and I’ve put in herbal moth things. Some of them I can’t wear. I never could wear them, actually, because—I don’t know if anyone’s going to get in trouble for this!—one of Steve’s early businesses went under. He came to my house with buckets and bags of clothes to hide so they wouldn’t be taken away. So I ended up with racks of clothing. And then little by little, he took them back. Some of the things he left there were model size—I have never been a model size. But they’re just beautiful. Like a little red sequin dress that I just love. There was a nice exhibit [of Spouse’s work] at the Deitch Gallery a few years ago. Although it might be hard to part with them, I think I should consider donating some of mine to a museum. Not that they’re all that rare, but I think the things that he designed for me for tours were very personal. What point is there in having them in a box, folded up?”

Debbie Harry, in an interview published in this month’s issue of Nylon magazine