Quote of Note | Damien Hirst

“I keep getting this thing about painting your own work. You don’t paint the spots and all that shit. I’m doing this other stuff where I’ve got two guys in Italy carving a sculpture out of granite. So I’ve made a plaster, working in the foundry, of two figures. One of them is based on Michelangelo’s “Slaves,” the other on the sculpture of a female slave by Hiram Powers. These two guys are amazing granite carvers and they are working day in, day out. And it’s like two and a half years to make one. And it’s an edition of three. So that’s 10 years, with an AP [Artist’s Proof]. If wanted to do it I would have to go and study for 10 years, five years. To learn how to carve granite. Fucking hell! If these guys live to be 70 they are going to be able to make 12 of these. And that’s their whole careers. And that’s your whole life gone. So you have to get people.”

Damien Hirst, in an interview earlier this year with Anthony Haden-Guest for The New York Observer. A Hirst retrospective opens Thursday at Tate Modern in London.