Quote of Note | Chuck Close

“For me, imperfections and wrinkles give you character. They’re the road map of your life. If you’ve laughed your whole life, you have laugh lines. If you’ve frowned your whole life, you have furrows on your brow. All the stuff that people want to hide is exactly what needs to be there for a portrait, as far as I’m concerned. I love the stuff that people hate, all stuff that people airbrush out or Photoshop out.

My greatest fear is women of a certain age who are not comfortable with what happened to them and want me to lie. To make it not what it is. And it can be a nightmare. Christopher Plummer, the vainest man I’ve ever met, and Carly Simon. She must have written ‘You’re So Vain’ about herself. It’s the degree of comfort that people have with who they are that makes it all happen, makes it easy.”

Chuck Close, in a conversation with Diane von Furstenberg published in the May issue of Harper’s BAZAAR