Quote of Note | Alanna Heiss on FOOD

“Early on a call went out to the entire team to help spread the concrete on the new floor of the restaurant. But the amount Gordon Matta-Clark had ordered was significantly more than was needed, and the concrete truck wouldn’t stop pouring. A great metal chute ran from the truck through our open window. The river of concrete kept flowing–what was in the truck had to come out of the truck. Concrete began to rise over our ankles, well above the level where we thought the floor should be. We shoveled. We tried to make piles we could break up later. We pushed cement high into the corners of the room, we tried to pile it up onto the walls, but it flowed back down onto the rising floor. Outside, the truck driver smoked his cigar and looked bored.”

Alanna Heiss, curator and former director of PS1 Contemporary Art Center and a director of Art International Radio, shares a memory of the legendary Soho restaurant FOOD in the Frieze New York 2013 catalogue. As part of Frieze Projects, the fair is presenting a special tribute to FOOD in the form of a temporary restaurant where each day a different artist is invited to cook.