Quit Your Job to Pursue Your Side Hustle? Shark Tank’s Daymond John Weighs In

shark tank logoAs media folks, there’s no denying it…we’re creative beings!

It’s not uncommon to talk to a colleague who works in editorial and writes his or her novel in the early hours of the morning. Or maybe you have a friend in sales who is launching her start-up e-commerce site on the side. Or maybe you’re a copywriter and you’re burning the midnight oil sewing clothing for your new line of puppy products.

It’s the American dream, right? Building something from scratch with your own two hands, something to call your own, something that can hopefully make bank someday.

Well, next comes the million-dollar question. When is the precise time to leave that day job to pursue your passion wholeheartedly?

We caught up with Daymond John at the Shark Tank season six premiere party on Friday night. According to this shark, the time is right when “the business starts to call you.”

The creator of fashion brand FUBU and author of Display of Power adds:

“You get out what you put in. If you put in two hours a week on your personal agenda, it becomes 100 odd hours at the end of the year. It starts to compound so you either start to say the business is not worth it to leave or you start to say this business is calling me.”

Think of it like a baby. The fashion and branding expert points out by paying attention to your child, you “start seeing the benefits.”

John illustrates the TLC your side hustle requires in order to grow and blossom. “If you’re never home and the child is neglected and handed over to somebody else, then you wonder why the child is not a good child.”

So, the next time you’re in front of the laptop or sketch pad or whatever your vice may be, remember you get out of it what you put into it. Keep going!