Quick! Dump the Potato Salad

Note to Clinton Yates: A polite warning. Do not read this item or look at the photograph.

Clinton Yates, Local News Editor for WaPo Express, had a rough Tuesday morning. “There’s an 84% [chance] that something I ate last night is gonna make me barf today. Argh,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sure enough, he was right. But it wasn’t easy getting him to spit up what happened.

Me: So what did you eat last night? Don’t leave anything out, please.

Him: That sounds dirty! It was the potato salad, I think, that did me in.

Me: What sounds dirty? I want the whole rundown. What, hot dogs, hamburgers, pickles? Sour cream?

Him: I told you, I think it was the potato salad.

Me: Can’t I get the whole menu? Did you actually get sick or was it just the threat of it?

Him: I was puking for the better part of the morning.

Me: Hope you’re feeling better. And throw out the potato salad!

Me: Sorry. One last question. At home or work?

Him: At home. Took a sick day as a result.

Could this be catching? This morning Rachel Sklar, Editor-at-Large of Mediaite and former Editor of FishbowlNY and HuffPost‘s “Eat the Press,” greeted the day by writing, “Good morning. Food poisoning. Ugh.” She later directed a message to CNN’s Ali Velshi, saying, “Your show is comforting me as I barf from food poisoning. Thank you!” We caught up with Rachel this morning in between her bouts of vomiting and learned that she did not ingest any of Yates’ dreadful potato salad. “Either from olives from Olives (bar at W Hotel Union Square) or a giant Chipotle burrito,” she wrote FBDC. “That was awwwwwwful. But had CNN on in the background so at least I’m all caught up on Casey Anthony!”

Calling all journalists: Have any food poisoning stories you’d like to share with us? Write to FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com or to FishbowlBetsy@gmail.com.