Quartz Launches Search Engine for its Charts

Charts, charts and more charts.

If you’re into charts, you know that Quartz, The Atlantic’s business site, does some great work. No doubt then, that you’ll be pleased that Quartz has launched Atlas, a search engine for its charts and data. Available at atlas.qz.com, Atlas not only offers users access to Quartz’s many charts, it allows you to share them too.

“Atlas gives each of our charts its own home, along with a set of tools for interacting with them: You can now download the data behind our charts, embed our charts elsewhere on the web, grab an image of our charts, and of course share our charts on social media,” wrote Quartz’s executive editor and vp of product, Zach Seward, in a post. “They will look great regardless of whether you’re using a big screen or mobile device.”

For example, we typed “Russia” in Atlas, and presto: We now have a chart listing the number of streets named “Soviet” in Russia. You don’t want to know what we can do with that information.