L.A. High School Students Complete 2012 Princeton Summer Journalism Program

Check it out. The just-published 2012 edition of The Princeton Summer Journal includes the bylines of three LA area high school students: Angela Kim (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies), Laura Nunez (Animo Leadership High School) and Marco Rivas (Bishop Mora Salesian High School).

A total of 22 students from around the country came together at the Princeton University campus August 3-13. Now in its tenth year, the program was founded by a group of Class of 2001 students and once again featured lectures, working on the annual newspaper and some cool field trips:

One night, the group attended a Trenton, NJ Thunder minor league baseball game as part of a unit on sports journalism that included a talk by Dick Friedman, senior editor at Sports Illustrated. Another day, the group boarded a bus for New York and toured the offices of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, The New York Times and CNN.

Kim is the sports editor of school newspaper LACES Untied as well as a student reporter for The Korean Daily News. Rivas meanwhile has had a letter to the editor published in the LA Times. The 2012 crew, which also included Ojai’s Michelaina Johnson (Nordhoff High School), were tied to an admissions policy requiring that total annual household income not exceed $45,000.