Put Yourself in a Story for Men’s Health

For this publication, it can be all about you.


It used to be the case that first-time freelancers would look to front-of-book section “Advantage” as their way to break into Men’s Health. But in a 2014 magazine revamp that section was killed.

So what is a would-be Men’s Health freelancer to do? Put yourself in the center of a story. Whether it’s a health- and fitness-related story that happened to you, or one you want to happen to you, pitch a story about a unique experience to editors.

Men’s Health editors are big on experiential journalism. If you’ve had some grave social or physical malady and want to write about it, by all means, pitch your story. If you’ve had some sort of uncommon adventure — or have an idea for one that you’d like to offer yourself up for — pitch that, too. “We love pieces about a guy having a super-cool experience that other guys would be jealous of, that would be funny or revealing of the masculine condition,” [editor Peter] Moore said. “One time we sent a guy off to practice with the WNBA to show how badass women in the league are.”

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