Put That Portfolio Book You Bought Instead of Food To Good Use


The web’s all abuzz today about ihaveanidea’s Porfolio Night 4. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a big huge portfolio review day, held in several locations throughout the US, with the hopes of getting young designers and ad folks a time to sit down with people with jobs who don’t have to pad their resumes and come up with different ways of saying that they used to do some sign painting for the video store they worked at (we can make fun because, belive us, we’ve been there, man, we’ve been there). It’s only $35 and a couple of hours, so really, if you’re close by, what can you lose? Here’s from the intro:

Portfolio Night is not an event. It is advertising history in the making.

It all started four years ago when a group of unemployed juniors with absolutely nothing more than a dream took it upon themselves to unite the industry and to break down the wall between advertising hopefuls and advertising leaders.

We believe that it is the responsibility of the leaders of this industry to make sure that the next generation becomes the best generation.

Everyone that participates, everyone that sponsors, everyone that reviews portfolios, everyone that works on this night is taking the future of advertising into their hands.

On May 4 we will make possible the impossible.