Put Some Dieter Rams on the Hi-Fi

Currently making the rounds this week among the design-interested is musician Jon Brooks‘ album Music for Dieter Rams. In it, Brooks sampled the noises made by Rams’ beautiful AB-30 alarm clock which the famous and influential designer made for Braun while serving as the company’s legendary head of design. “Every sound on this record, from the melodic sounds to the percussion, the atmospheric effects to the bass lines originates from the Braun AB-30 alarm clock,” he writes. It might sound like a terrible idea, because no matter how much you love Rams’ work (like (uber-fan Jonathan Ive), the thought of sequenced alarm noises seems second only to a mashup of recordings of nails on a chalkboard. However, Brooks manages to carefully compose, arrange, and tweak the noises into lovely melodies and themes. It’s a very pleasant album, concept behind it or otherwise, and it’s available for purchase here, where you can also listen to the whole thing for free. And here’s some audio of Brooks explaining, piece by piece, how he put the whole thing together: