Publishing Companies Shifting Ad Sales Training

An article on today discusses how ad sales teams at major publishing companies are being asked to focus more on digital sales. Teams at Hearst, Meredith, Condé Nast, and others, are becoming more integrated; they are no longer just highlighting print ad sales. With this change, the companies have had to retrain their teams.

Michael Clinton, Marketing and Publishing Director at Hearst, says that print ad sales will always be vital, but increasing knowledge of the digital realm is necessary:

A significantly dominant share of our revenue still comes from print advertising. But with that being said, we are very aggressively joined into the digital future – that includes all of our magazine websites.

Meredith’s Chief Revenue Officer, Michael Brownstein, says the training their ad teams receive shows just how different the world of print ad sales and digital ad sales are:

There’s a whole nomenclature that our digital teams speak. The terms of measurement, what ad units are, etc.  The language and metric that you have to re-learn are different from those of the print side.

The companies also must realize that the digital side isn’t just websites anymore. With the news that roughly every person in the world now owns an iPad, the education these teams get will surely highlight the way tablets work. Maybe there will even be a special section devoted to the Playboy iPad app. We bet there will be some interesting ads there soon.