Publishers iPad Worries Might Be Unfounded

Was all that worrying publishers were doing about working with Apple’s subscription system for nothing? Well, maybe. According to Forbes, consumers are giving up the very information that the publishers were worried they weren’t going to get:

As things stand, if you buy a subscription to The New Yorker or Popular Science in the iTunes store, you will get a little dialogue box asking if it’s alright if Apple shares some of your personal information with the publisher. Initially, publishers were worried, reasonably enough, that users would overwhelmingly say no. But they don’t. In fact, about 50 percent opt in.

50 percent is an awfully nice number for publishers, and this is only the beginning. Maybe the marriage between publishing houses and Apple can work after all.

Of course tomorrow there’ll be another story about how this isn’t the case at all, and everything will be chaos once again. But hey, enjoy the good news for now.