Publicist Releases Sexy Luncheon Video

Earlier today, my colleague Matt brought you details of Tammy Haddad‘s luxe lunch yesterday at the Jefferson Hotel for Gibraltar’s Kelley McCormick.

But now we’ve got the luncheon video, and only because they confused me for another Washington Betsy. Despite the mistake, we couldn’t help but think it’s a fantastic idea to give you a vivid sense of what you missed yesterday.

In a word: FAME. You’ll want to get up and dance! And then you may want to punch walls or go into the bathroom and shed tears because you weren’t important enough to be invited.

One journo I sent the sexpot video to late-night reacted as follows: “What the fuck was that? You’re an evil person for even sending that to me. Was that the karaoke version of Fame? No one would spring the zero dollars for unlicensed use of the original?” (He must have missed his invitation.)