Public Schools Chancellor Plugs CNN and Dings WaPo


The DCist’s Rachel Brown interviewed Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee this week and the news isn’t pretty for WaPo. When asked about her reading diet, Rhee says she’s better off not reading WaPo‘s education reporting than reading it. Ouch.

Q: During a typical day or week, what are you reading, or what kind of media do you consume — for news, work or pleasure?

We usually have CNN on in the background at the office, although I’m rarely just sitting at my desk. I try to pick and choose my stuff in the Post. Lots of times what I’ve found is that on education coverage, it’s often better if I don’t read it. People throughout the day just send me a ton of stuff that’s either happening nationally or locally that’s somehow connected to the schools. I feel like I’m constantly reading things that are happening, but it’s not through a predictable medium. It’s not like I wake up every morning and open the Wall Street Journal and read it cover-to-cover or things like that. It’s more that I rely on things people are sending me, or things that I’ve heard which I’ll then Google and read about, and that sort of thing.

Read the full interview here.