Pssst…Mary: Santa Isn’t Real

santa5-9.jpeg Politics Daily’s “Women UP” blog is my favorite discovery in the world of Washington, D.C. Journalism and it’s growing more horribly addictive by the day.

Women UP contributor Mary Curtis writes about same-sex partner benefits Wednesday and a Republican Commissioner’s atrocious use of the word “homo.”

The greatest part of her story comes at the end:

“This week before Christmas, I’ve had the pleasure to observe saving graces, many times when labels are less important than finding common ground. Santa and the Baby Jesus will do that to people.”

A word to Mary: Surely people don’t use the word “homo” at Christmastime. And finally: Baby Jesus is one thing, but Santa (check out our really sinister Santa above) doesn’t really exist.

(I regret the Grinch-like post on Christmas Eve but it couldn’t be helped.)