P’Shop Hall of Famers and Gurus


If you were aware, this last week was the Photoshop World conference in Boston, and Photoshop News has the report on both all the nominees for the Photoshop Hall of Fame, as well as a link to the winners of the Photoshop Guru Awards. The list for the Hall of Fame is just that, simply a list of names of people (including someone named Dave Cross, which we’re 100% sure is the comedian so we’re not going to even bother fact checking), but the Guru Award winners has a bunch of photos associated, some of which are very impressive and pleasing to the eye (sometimes to even both of them). If you’re interested in hitting up the ceremony to see who gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, the whole thing goes down in Vegas at the next Photoshop World from September 6th through the 8th. Expect lots of lens flare seminars.