Operation Media Storm: How Artist Joyce Dallal Made a Paper Sculpture Out of Old LA Times Articles

Beth Accomando, arts reporter for San Diego’s KPBS, hot-footed it recently over to the Protea Gallery to check out a most unusual piece of art.

It’s called “Media Storm” and is part of the exhibit “Textscapes.” Although the MS centerpiece looks very much like an LA Times printing press mishap, artist Joyce Dallal revealed it was actually borne from an intricate process:

“It’s made of photographic prints that I printed on rice paper and they are photographs of articles that were in the LA Times starting in 2002 with the build-up to the recent Iraq war,” she explained. “The way it works is at the bottom are the 2002 articles and as it goes up to the top it grows and gets up to 2005.”

While some may be inclined to insert their best print-media-joke here, we prefer to applaud any real-world extension of a metropolitan daily’s reach. No matter how tangential.