ProPublica Is Now the Proud Owner of Former NYT Congressional Database

They're calling it Represent.

What was known as Inside Congress, a Congressional database owned by The New York Times, was renamed Represent yesterday when it was taken over by ProPublica.

The thread linking both incarnations together is ProPublica news applications developer Derek Willis. Before joining ProPublica, Willis has been a developer and reporter at The New York Times, where he started the Inside Congress database.

The database allows users to track how Congress members vote on bills, as well as explore the details of the bills themselves. In taking over the database and its accompanying API, ProPublica has added new features, including the ability to view a profile of each Congressperson. It even helps you find out how often they play hooky.

The team will continue to update the database, both in the existing areas it’s looking at, and later, with new metrics.

In a blog post about the updated app, Willis indicates he views Represent not as a competitor to other Government-tracking sites, but as a complement:

This isn’t the only congressional data site out there, and our goal is to send visitors to other sites that offer valuable features. That’s why we’re linking to individual lawmaker and bill pages on GovTrack and C-SPAN, for example. Like GovTrack, our news app will provide some calculated metrics that visitors can use to help learn more about their representatives. We also have vote cartograms that show not only how each lawmaker voted but the relative clout of delegations.

Check it out for yourself here.