Prom: David Carr Weighs In

From the NYT:

    Mr. Little, a one-man time machine, obliged by dialing the room back decades to a time when Uncle Walter told us that’s the way it is, Johnny Carson tucked us all in and a bit about Richard Nixon singing “My Way” was considered naughty fun. A painful piano ditty that would not pass muster in the Catskills made fun, not of the president, but of something we can all get behind: Osama bin Laden’s turban. “And you thought Colbert was bad,” Mr. Little said after one particularly acute miss.

    Christopher Hitchens, the writer and Vanity Fair columnist, walked out of the dinner at about the time Mr. Little got around to his Ronald Reagan impression.

    “The event was disgraceful, so lame and mediocre that it is beyond parody,” he said later. “It is impossible to decide which is more offensive: the president fawning over the press or the press fawning over the president. It expresses everything that the public means when they talk about inside-the-Beltway and access journalism.”