Pro Wrestling + The Immigrant Market = Awesomeness

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It’s so gonzo, it’s brilliant. WWE and Telemundo are offering a promotion contest for an all-expenses-paid, pro-wrestling themed quinceanera party.

* Note: Quinceanera = 15th birthday party. Latin American equivalent of a Sweet 16. You most likely live in New York. You should know this.

The contest, which recently wrapped up, was designed to boost teenage Hispanic female viewership for WWE Raw, one of the most popular shows on Telemundo’s Mun2 cable channel.

More than 5,000 applications had been posted online before the Jan. 31 deadline…

What do the winners get? A party for 50 of their friends in “the nearest major city to their residence,” a limousine, entertainment and cameos by Carlito and Melina of the WWE, alongside the obligatory video cameras for mun2.

But, man, some of the applications for this one break our heart:

I want this Quincenera so bad because I am a hardworker and i do have goals in life. My parents don’t have the money to pay for it. My dad always wanted me to have this quince because i am the only girl. I am his little girl but he has enough struggle paying the bills and the house. Every night before i go to bed he tells me, “If what i want to do can’t happen I hope you will make it happen for your kids”. My little brothers are big wrestling fans and yes I do like John Cena! =] I want to be something big in life and sometimes I just want to have fun, I want to be a princess for a day!=]

Money quote from mun2’s Lisa Hackett: “Among Latino youth, luchadores and quinceaneras resonate as significant cultural identifiers, so the sweepstakes offers a fun and unexpected twist to bring them together.”