Pro Swimming Organizations: ‘Stop Designing Better Stuff!’


Okay, following talk of exploitation and Nazis in that last post, it’s time back to some fun nonsense before this writer calls it a day. We enjoyed this story over at the BBC, “Swimsuit Technology Under Review,” which, yes, sounds like the poorly-worded first draft title of an 80s teenage sex romp comedy, but is actually about the world of professional, competitive swimming starting to get concerned that swimsuits are being designed too expertly, giving an edge to particular swimmers. The chief culprit is Speedo‘s full-body LZR Racer, which apparently grants its wearers the swimming abilities of mermen. It’s an interesting story, both from the perspective of this big argument going on in a subculture you probably don’t know very much about, while also cutting through the fat and getting to the real thick of the debate: they want to stop athletes from incorporating wardrobe designs that make them perform better. If you turn back the clock a little, isn’t that sort of like saying, “Wait a minute, when those guys wear shoes when they’re playing football, is there an unfair advantage to those who prefer to play shoeless?”