Canadian Newspaper Gets Jiggy With Prince George Article Headline

Some very Fresh reframing

It starts with Maria Puente, a USA Today veteran who covers the royals and other matters for the paper’s Life section. Here’s how her item about a new official portrait struck for young Prince George’s fourth birthday was headlined:

Now… Here’s how Canadian newspaper the Toronto Star framed that same USA Today newswire item. With a massive wink to an NBC sitcom that ran for two more years than the Prince’s current age:

This is without a doubt a leading candidate for 2017 Newspaper Headline of the Year. In fact, Fishbowl tried through several different channels to confirm the name of the editor(s) responsible for the Star slug, but at press time, we were unsuccessful. However, thanks to copy editor Lara Schroeder, who confirmed via a colleague, we now know that this was the work of Anthony Collins. A.k.a. @comma_chameleon.

Bravo to him and to James Keast, editor of Canadian music magazine Exclaim!, for preserving this out for broader Banks-family posterity.