President Obama Is Wired’s Guest Editor for its November Issue

The theme is frontiers.

Wired magazine lists one important similarity between itself and President Obama; they’re both “relentless optimists.” And the November issue the president will be guest-editing follows along a similarly forward looking theme–frontiers. It’s an expansive exploration of the term, and the stories under the president’s purview cover medicine, civil rights, climate change and AI, among other issues.

According to editorial director Robert Capps, this is the first time any sitting president has guest edited a magazine. For Wired editor in chief Scott Dadich, it’s a partnership that makes a lot of sense, telling Capps, “When the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they were at the bleeding edge of Enlightenment philosophy and technology. Franklin was talking about crazy stuff like electricity and communications networks. Paine gave up the copyright to Common Sense so it could get wider publication. Jefferson was radically rethinking design and land use. We want to wrestle with the idea of how today’s technology can influence political leadership. And who better to help us explore these ideas than President Obama?”

When the president sits in the guest editor chair, he’ll be following in his wife’s footsteps. Michelle Obama guest-edited More magazine’s July/August 2015 issue.