President? Ich denk’ immer dran.

Schwarzenegger brushes off Presidency? Yeah. Right.

arnold.jpgFishbowl rushes to apologize for the unintelligibility of the above headline, which we think must have been beamed to our page directly from the Governator’s brain. Because despite what George Stephanopoulos lets Schwarzenegger get away with on his air, we sense that the one thought most present on the Austrian Oak’s mind is “President? I always think about that.”

We mean, George, let him deny that he will ever seek office, for cryin’ out loud, not be allowed to bury the answer in a joke. You’re dealing, after all, with the guy who went public on Leno with his ambition to be Governor, with an operator so canny he’ll deny his further ambitions right up to the point where he declares the date of Jack LaLanne’s birth a national holiday from inside 1600 Penn Ave. Next time, George, act your resume and try a little Reporting and Writing 101. Because this is embarrassing.