PR And Marketing Pros’ Resolutions For 2012

Since now (or soon, anyway)’s the time to plan ahead for the new year, we’ve rounded up a couple of posts looking at what PR and marketing people should focus on next year—at least based on what their peers are up to.

Michael Emerton, a founding partner at BridgeView Marketing told PRDaily that he planned to try an experiment: sending paper pitches, typed on a typewriter(!), via the mail. How quaint. “No links, no social media and no video. Just a well-written ink impression of a good story idea for their readers carried vis-à-vis the U.S. Post Office. I wonder if anyone will open it,” he said.

Latergy, a video marketing and ad agency, promised (and exhorted other marketers to promise) to not be funny “unless it makes sense for my industry, brand and message.”

Kelly Ronna at Trevelino/Keller said her team was going to go to more networking events, read smarter books, and eat healthy lunches—the last an all-important one for anyone who wants to have a functioning brain by 3pm.

Kristy Kennedy at Digital Park said she’d take time each month to declutter her desk. Good one!

What are you resolving to do next year?