POTUS Goes Rogue on Poolers to Attend FDOTUS’s Soccer Game

A White House pool report from this weekend by Bloomberg News’s Nicholas Johnston shows that President Obama strayed from the known schedule Saturday to attend his daughter’s soccer game, leaving pool reporters in the dust.

“The president left the White House at approximately 9:20 to attend one of his daughter’s soccer games at 40th and Chesapeake NW. A pool was hastily called at around 9:35 and drove north at 9:43 to catch the president before the game ended. We didn’t make it. The President returned to the White House at 10:17. The pool returned at 10:30. We now return you to your regularly scheduled pool call time.”

NBC’s Mike Viqueira was working the weekend and in an e-mail alerted the White House Press Corps. about the the rogue Obama: “Good Morning. Ms. Hogan informs us moments ago that the president left the white house about 15 minutes ago to go to one of the girls’ soccer games. Katie now scrambling to get us caught up. Will inform as news develop.”

Then came word of an apology via e-mail about White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:

“The press secretary sent NBC (travel pool today) an email, apologizing for leaving the pool behind this morning when Potus went to watch soccer. Gibbs says it was a miscommunication between the president and his staff. He says the oversight was unintentional. Just so ya know!”