Post’s Outlook Section & Slate

In a chat today, new Outlook editor Susan Glasser informed readers that the pages of Outlook would be filled with more and more Slate writers (in part due to the Washington Post Company’s purchase of the online magazine).

    Reston, Va.: I noticed you had a Slate columnist on your pages Sunday. Is this going to be an ongoing feature? I love Slate and would enjoy seeing some of their work in the paper.

    Susan B. Glasser: I too am a big fan of Slate, and thrilled that they have become a part of the Washington Post corporate family. It’s a sharp, witty, provocative online magazine that touches not only on politics but culture, technology, science, the arts. So part of the Outlook experiment will include working with Slate writers. To start, that will be Dahlia Lithwick, Slate’s keen-eyed legal affairs writer, and Will Saletan, who has a terrific eye for the offbeat and writes regularly on science and technology and how they are reshaping policy discussions.