Post Taps Spitzer Callgirl Ashley Dupre For Sex Advice Column

dupre.jpgThe New York Post didn’t need to look much further than its own front pages to find its latest advice columnist.

Just over a week after sounding off on the the Tiger Woods sex scandal — and telling all the mistresses coming out of the woodwork to keep their mouths shut — Ashley Dupre, the woman who rose to tabloid fame last year amidst former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s sex scandal, debuted her first column in the Post yesterday. In her new weekly column, Ask Ashley, Dupre will answer readers’ questions about love, sex and relationships.

“Sure, she’s made some mistakes,” the introduction to her very first column explained. “But now Ashley Dupre…is sharing what she’s learned…”

Although the questions range from whether women like porn to how to know if your husband is unhappy, we think the most important thing that Dupre has “learned” since the Spitzer scandal broke is clear: staying in the spotlight requires coming up with something new and different every few months to keep you there. The Post is all too happy to help out.

After the jump, Dupre introduces her new column in an exclusive Post video

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