Portfolio Editor-In-Chief Fires Back

lipmanbg2.jpgWe haven’t heard much from former Portfolio editor-in-chief Joanne Lipman since her magazine folded Monday. Now Lipman’s back in the pages of the New York Post with a few choice words for some of her harshest critics.

During Portfolio’s two-year run, Lipman received no shortage of negative press for her management of the Conde Nast business magazine. Few of Lipman’s detractors were as relentless as New York gossip blog Gawker, which ran more than 40 posts about Lipman during her tenure at the troubled title. Page Six caught up with Lipman at a luncheon for the cast of “West Side Story” on Thursday, where she said “I don’t read Gawker,” comparing the site to Twitter, in that it’s “a time suck and mostly useless.”

While blogs and social networking certainly can be distracting, Lipman may want start paying more attention to online media, since criticism throughout her Portfolio tenure suggested she wasn’t particularly Internet-savvy, resulting in a “retro” web presence for the magazine and leaving many we’ve spoken with wondering whether she squandered the potential of the well-regarded Web talent within the magazine’s fold.