Poll of the Day, 06.22.06

(Poll Recap: Survey Says…Slate is “Contrarianism at its finest” and Post.com seems to be the favorite)

For today’s Poll, we — and most everyone else we run into — is giddy about the upcoming (and 2nd annual) 2006 FishbowlDC Hot-a-Thon. So even though we still have a few weeks to go before we start accepting nominations, why not lend some intrigue to the contest (we already found out who you think won’t repeat).

So out of the top three Hottest Female Off Air finalists from last year — winner Katie Slaman, Hadley Gamble and Amanda McClements — who has the best shot this year?

Who’s Got The Best Shot This Year?
Katie Slaman
Hadley Gamble
Amanda McClements
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