Politico’s New Motto: If AT First You Don’t Succeed…

An internal memo from Politico‘s VandeHarris announces that Russ Walker is joining the publication. They have apparently been seeking him out for years. In the real memo they write, “If IT first you don’t succeed…” — as a random act of kindness we proofed it for them above.
The memo:
…We are thrilled to let you know that Russ Walker has joined us to
help revamp the site for the 2012 campaign. We made a serious, albeit
unsuccessful, run at Russ during the earliest days of POLITICO after
working with him at the Washington Post. He was one of the main
editorial engines of washingtonpost.com during the Jim Brady era, and
we always felt his experience, smarts and just plain competence would
be big assets for this place. Three years – and a stint at Yahoo –
later he has come to his senses and jumped aboard.
Russ comes to us with an important mandate: to help pull together and
then bring to life the best ideas for how our 2012 coverage will
unfold online. As special projects editor, he will work closely with
DJ on the web side, Charlie on the editorial side, Hemal on social
media and Ryan on tech to make sure we are the destination for the
upcoming presidential campaign.
Please welcome Russ – he is sitting between Frates and Barr.
Thanks, VandeHarris