Politico’s Morning Money Man Visits Hotel Hell

If you see a frothing mad money man, don’t freak out. It’s probably Politico’s Ben White. He had booked a room at the Madison hotel for Tuesday night because it’s adjacent to the venue for an early morning event he was attending. Sadly, when he showed up, they would not honor his reservation. White did what any self-respecting Washington journo would do. Naturally he went on a Twitter tirade to shame the company.

He proceeded to unleash fury in full view of his Twitter followers, telling them, “Please tell EVERYONE you know that the Madison Hotel is the WORST hotel in the DC area and to avoid it at all costs.” Yikes. To get the full story, we reached out to White, who tells FBDC that when his reservation wasn’t honored, they put him up at the Mandarin Oriental, which he says  “is a very nice hotel but in the middle of nowhere.” After all, STUPID MADISON, the whole point of booking the Madison was its convenience.

White uses an episode of Seinfeld to drive his point home. He tells us, “I just want them to watch the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry explains the difference between taking the reservation and holding the reservation. Because anyone can just take them. The critical part is the holding.” For those not familiar, we’ve included the visual aid below to drive home White’s point.