Politico’s ‘Juice’ is a Day Old

If we were to take something written by Politico‘s Mike Allen and brand it as breaking news, that would be rude and unprofessional, right? But this morning, Allen did just that when he wrote a “Juice” item that was in fact day-old news. It wasn’t earth-shattering news, but it’s the principle of the matter that’s troubling.

When Allen breaks something, we and others cite him. And when we publish something first, we and others expect the same courtesy.

A question to ask yourselves: Is something not “news” until Allen “breaks” it?

See the dried up “juice” below…

THE JUICE – House “Majority Leader Eric Cantor has hired Rory Cooper to serve as communication director [sic]. Cooper currently serves as communications director at The Heritage Foundation, where he has developed a reputation as a conservative messaging and digital strategy expert. Cooper got his start at the RGA and NRCC in the late 90s. Post-9/11, he was an aide at the White House under President Bush coordinating government affairs and communications at the Homeland Security Council.” Cooper’s last day with Heritage is Fri., Sept. 7, and first day with Cantor is Mon., Sept. 10.