Politico’s Joe Williams to Appear on CNN

Looks like Joe Williams’ 15 minutes of fame is not quite over. Politico’s ex White House Correspondent but still a Politico employee is scheduled to appear on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Howard Kurtz on Sunday. Will be interesting to see if Kurtz can somehow outperform Russia TV, a network that didn’t bother to mention the assault Williams pled guilty to in May or the probation term he’s currently serving. Will also be noteworthy to see whether Kurtz challenges Williams on the notion that a vast right wing media “noise machine” is trying to bring him down.

Good luck Howie! We’ll be watching.

Please note: Williams’ attorney, Shawn Bartley, is out of state until Monday. We hope Williams can reach him before then should he want counsel. A paralegal from Bartley’s office phoned FBDC this afternoon to get back to us on Bartley’s behalf. She had no idea if Bartley had a comment or why she was even calling really. In a statement, Williams complained that FBDC didn’t properly contact his lawyer. We called his lawyer on both his cell and office phones and didn’t receive a call back.