Politico’s Ben Smith Faces Tough Talk From Commenters on Weiner Matter

A quick read of Politico blogger Ben Smith’s short post on Weinergate today doesn’t have him swaying for or against Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).  He simply points out that today’s new shirtless photograph may not make the lawmaker resign. He says these kinds of scandals involving pols tend to “burn hot and fast.” Still, some commenters pulled out their baseball bats.

Take a look.

*The only person who honestly believed Weiner’s bizarre claims that he was hacked appears to be Ben Smith…

*You dumb fvck libs thinking you could smear Breitbart over this have got to be p!ssed off. LMAO! He is kicking your butts!

*Face it Jimmy Boy. You put your faith in a dirty, perverted Weiner and now it’s coming back to bite you.

*A little part of Ben died today. I can’t stop laughing!