Politico Talks Sports

Sure, politics and sports go hand in hand. It seems like every week (that they’re actually working), Congress is hauling some baseball player in front of a committee or a football player to talk about head injuries. So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Politico will be hosting the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell for a conversation about “player health and safety, the fantasy-football explosion, and new technology to enhance the in-stadium experience, including the “Under the Hood” feature we saw debut Sunday on the new Diamond Vision screens at Lambeau Field.” Remember, this is POLITICO we are talking about here. They are the first ones to jump up and say that they stick to politics. Remember what executive editor JimVandeHei said in Michael Calderone’s profile of Politico for Huffington magazine?

“Right, you guys have about forty sub-channels, you’re in different countries, you’re covering sports, you have pictures and girls and all this stuff that generates a lot of traffic. We do politics. That’s what we do. We do policy. That’s what we do.”

What struck us as even more bizarre is that chief White House correspondent Mike Allen will be leading the conversation. Allen is great at what he does, but we don’t exactly equate him with possessing sheer athleticism or a knowledge of sports. Anyone who knows him will tell you that he eats, sleeps and breathes politics.

Details are listed on the invitation above. It’s worth noting that Goodell’s wife is Jane Skinner, formerly of Fox News.