Politico Revamps Website


Politico has revamped its website. The new politico.com features four “cover stories” and a lot less clutter than the previous version. As with most revamps, the site also has that mobile-like clickable menu in the upper-left hand corner. That menu allows easy access to the site’s blogs, multimedia features and event content.

In an editor’s note, Susan Glasser writes that the site’s update was inspired by a realization that readers want a more efficient experience when reading news sites:

Today’s changes on Politico reflect our aspiration to better serve you with original reporting, insight and analysis about Washington – and to do so in a way that is truly unique. At a time when news is everywhere, when the headlines and even the opinion columns feel more and more omnipresent, our goal is to tell you stories others aren’t – to earn the time you spend with us and to make it as engaging and efficient an experience as possible.