Politico Reports on Bashing of Politico

The latest e-book from Politico, “Obama’s Last Stand” by Glenn Thrush, is making waves. So much so that the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party has lashed out against it. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Politico that the book “had about the same credibility as a National Enquirer story.” Those comments were reported by Politico‘s Juana Summers, who writes:

POLITICO reporter Glenn Thrush reported that a commissioned poll by David Binder put Wasserman Schultz dead last in a ranking of the popularity of the Obama campaign’s top surrogates — behind all the familiar faces on the Obama campaign trail.”

Wasserman Schultz seized the opportunity to pat herself on the back and say, “’I’m the president’s most prominent surrogate and have proudly been asked by the president to chair the DNC, and look forward to the next 68 days and I’m sure that we can bring him across the finish line, which is what he asked me to help him do.”
Summers didn’t include a reaction from Thrush, but on Thursday afternoon, he tweeted his response.

Thrush also tweeted to Wasserman Schultz, “Have known, liked @DWStweets for years. She delivered Newsday as a kid. Me too. I went on to work for that (non-supermarket) tabloid… “