Politico Reporter Engages in Twitter Lashing With Chris Brown Fan

Over the weekend Politico congressional reporter Jake Sherman found himself fighting with a male fan of R&B singer/female puncher Chris Brown. So he did what any self-respecting journalist would, and tried to educate him.

A lot has been written about the recent Twitter feud between comedy writer Jenny Johnson and Brown. The singer launched a series of expletive-laden tweets directed at Johnson, which resulted in the deactivation of his Twitter account. HuffPost has compiled all of his tweets here.

In the middle of this Clash of the Twitter Titans, fans of both parties began talking trash. Among them was Sherman, who wrote, “Not surprised @chrisbrown said something disgusting to a woman on Twitter. The guy is complete scum. No one should support his endeavors.”

As they say, haters gonna hate, and Sherman got his share after that remark…

One participant, who uses the Twitter handle @Tracy_Daniel, responded to Sherman by saying, “Your [sic] so stupid!” Sherman celebrated the insanity by remarking, “It’s moments like this that I thank God for Twitter.” He also took the opportunity to correct his new fan’s spelling. We give you high marks for that, Jake. Can’t say your buddy, J-Mart would have caught such an blatant misspelling.

The Brown supporter got the final word with a bizarrely spiritual message to Sherman: ” Aww it’s ok don’t cry life will get better, I’ll pray for you. lol I lied, life will only get worse hahahahahahahahahahahahahah”

To his credit, Sherman simply retweeted the maniac and didn’t engage further.