Politico Hires Globe Reporter to Pick Up the Slack

Politico has hired Boston Globe‘s Donovan Slack to be a senior reporter on their 44 page, which chronicles President Obama. She replaces Julie Mason, who worked on the White House team and recently left for Sirius XM Radio. As one reporter put it, “Donovan is a chick. Cool name!”

Indeed, welcome Donovan to Politico and to the Fishbowl.

In an internal memo, Politico‘s Bill Hamilton lays out plans for a new and improved 44 page. The highlight will be a White House blog that focuses on news and personalities. While the entire White House team will write for the blog, two reporters will anchor it — namely Donovan and Byron Tau, who has been hopping around as of late. For a year he worked for Ben Smith and then moved over to Mike Allen’s team. Tau replaces Matt Negrin, who just left Politico for ABC News.

Congratulations to the new duo on anchoring the page.

See the memo…
We’ll soon be unveiling a new and improved version of the highly successful 44 page, first developed by Alex Burns and more recently guided by Matt Negrin.

Under Alex and Matt, 44 has generally been regarded as the go-to place for an insider’s look at the Obama presidency, and we want to build on that legacy. The highlight of our all-new 44 design will be a White House blog that we anticipate being the focal point of our Obama coverage, a place where we break news, provide analysis and bring to life the key figures and personalities of the administration as we go into the election year.

Our entire White House team will write for 44. But we’re lucky to have enlisted two exceptional journalists to anchor it:

Donovan Slack, White House reporter for the Boston Globe, will join us in two weeks as the senior member of 44. Donovan is an extraordinary writer and reporter who learned her way around politics as the Globe’s city hall bureau chief, following in the tracks of our own David Rogers.  She joined the Washington bureau a little over a year ago and burst onto our radar screen with her coverage of Mitt Romney and Barney Frank as well as Obama. She is that rare combination of both an investigative reporter comfortable with documents and spreadsheets and a wonderful writer with an eye and an ear for just the right detail.  We expect Donovan’s voice to shape and bring to life the White House blog, and we will also look to her to join the other members of our team in supplying us with lede stories on the White House and the 2012 campaign.

In Byron Tau, Donovan will have the ideal partner in crime.  Byron needs no real introduction, but here’s one anyway: Few people at POLITICO understand  better what makes a must-read blog than Byron. He learned this as Ben Smith’s collaborator and blew us away with a memo describing his vision of 44.  He has not only great reporting and technical skills but also the eclectic mind and lightning responses that will make 44 both interesting and timely.

Together he and Donovan are going to be a fantastic team, and we can’t wait for them to start.

Bill and Rachel