Politico Gives God New Blog

Charlie Mahtesian’s new Politico “On the American Political Landscape” blog officially launched last night to fanfare typically reserved for a billion dollar lottery winner, Jesus and maybe Violet Beauregard, the girl in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” who chews gum all day and eventually swells into a human blueberry.

“[Mahtesian’s] remarkable intellect and inexhaustible work ethic will undoubtedly complement the blog’s success and acumen.” wrote Editor-in-Chief John Harris in a press release today.

Harris’ wording last week in an internal memo was no less inflating: “In a rational world, it seems obvious, the person on our staff who has more and better ideas about politics than anyone in the business would have a platform to share those ideas with readers in real time.”

Then there was Mahtesian’s own above-the-rest-of-the-chattering-class description for his blog in his first post. He said the blog plans on “avoiding pundit-like chin-stroking, distilling conventional wisdom or writing eye-glazing items about soccer moms or NASCAR dads.” It’s about “perspective” and “insight,” you see. Not “chin-stroking” and “eye-glazing.”

The bar has been set high. Not by David Catanese, who has been swapped out for God Mahtesian, but by the mythical version of Mahtesian himself who we’ve been reading about.

That said, we love the blog’s caricature.