Politico Feedback

The Politico asked for your feedback on their “GOP Spin Machine” piece and here are some of the funnier comments:

  • Yeah, you’re another poseur site. Why not just call yourselves “fair and balanced” and get it over with? The media is overrun with right-wing propagandists anyway. Here in Las Vegas ALL I get on talk radio is hate-filled lies from the right, ALL DAY LONG! . Ever hear some of these lunatics? I’m glad I can’t see them, because people foaming at the mouth is too disgusting for even a godless, America-hating, valueless and unpatriotic progressive to stomach for very long.

  • All you have to do is look at any comments section of any story and it is FILLED right-wing sycophants. You could swear that the domain had been changed to dittohead.com.

    My hope is that Politico.com understands that the public needs to be educated by their coverage, not ENTERTAINED by it. You must shape the way coverage is provided towards factual reporting, not slanting it to increase readership.

    The success should be based on the quality of the reporting, not the “sellability” of the spin of the reporting. I know that is hard to do in this world of ad-based journalism… but at least try!

    It is nice to know that “Conservatives” are so unsure of themselves that they have to create this enemy straw man Liberal to be upset at for everything. Most have absolutely no idea what a “Liberal” is, nor do they realize that “Liberal” don’t like what the Democratic party (Conservative-lite) has become either. Don’t even get me started on how “conservatives” don’t even understand what Socialism is and how it is antithetical to “Liberalism”. Please educate the people on these basics so they can realize how the only “Liberal media” there is out there is Air America and The Nation!

  • To me, this is merely evidence that “The Politico” matters. In an age where competing news sites have bells, whistles, and literal sirens to attract readers, you have to expect a certain amount of sensational phraseology ? especially in headlines. However, I find this publication?s articles to be thoughtful, probing, and balanced. These professionals have been around the media block several times and they are equal opportunity offenders. You can?t blame ?The Politico? if the GOP has a better spin machine than the DNC. Keep it up!…methinks Mr. Maloy doth protest too much.