Politico & Comments Update

We mentioned the Politico’s recent troubles with comments yesterday and Web Editor Richard Greene writes FishbowlDC to explain:

    We did indeed have a forum that got nasty over the weekend, in violation of our comments policy. We reviewed it and decided to lock it down and edit out comments that were out of line. We’re not planning to change our comments policy, though — we think it’s robust enough to allow us to shut this kind of thing down when it happens, but loose enough to allow readers to express themselves freely.

Also, here’s the shutdown message they posted early on Sunday morning:

    Politico moderators have closed this forum thread due to its inappropriate content. Our site openly promotes the use of public forums to allow users to discuss political topics of their choice ONLY when users abide by our terms and conditions Thank you for your understanding and participation. Any future thread that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals will be terminated immediately.