Politico Co-Founder, 4 Others Depart Company

Well, that's something.

Politico has picked an odd time to implode, but that seems to be what has happened. According to a memo from owner Robert Allbritton, Politico co-founder and CEO Jim VandeHei, senior writer Mike Allen and three other senior staffers are leaving the company.

All five staffers plan to leave after the election in November.

According to The Washington Post, Allbritton and VandeHei clashed over expenses and the future of Politico. Those arguments led to his departure. Others leaving Politico include CRO Roy Schwartz, COO Kim Kingsley and executive vp of expansion Danielle Jones.

In his own memo, VendeHei said he was leaving to start a new company.

“There is no greater challenge than trying to match in a new space the magic and success we pulled off here,” wrote VendeHei. “This moment in media and in history is putting every sector and idea in play – and it is too intriguing and wide open to play it safe. I plan to start a new venture when I depart.”