Babyfaced Byers Shaves ‘Sexy-Ass’ Beard

Politico media writer Dylan Byers’s facial hair recently drew out a female admirer who cat called him for his beard. In May she wrote, “Dylan, I saw u this AM on Bill’s show. WOW! U look better than the avatar. Nice hair, a sexy-ass beard. I luv a man w/a beard.” But this morning her balloon might have deflated as Byers appeared on Current TV’s “Full Court Press” sans beard and mustache. Granted, he’s still scruffy, but majorly babyfaced compared to what he had going on previously and distinctly less Charles Masonish. From that aspect, frankly it’s a little disappointing. Let’s just say the American Mustache Institute will not be pleased.

Perhaps the balmy weather prompted Byers to shave. We reached out to him for comment — we wouldn’t want to not seek comment on this and then have him ask us why we didn’t ask.