Politico: Another Daily Kos’rs Take

From here:

    What’s risky in this? To me it seems like he’s betting that the medium trumps the message. By hiring veteran Washington political reporters like Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris to lead the site, Albritton is betting that the beltway sources will follow, that his site will be able to compete with the national desks of the WaPo and NYT.

    But does the target audience–you–care whether you get the same Washington, D.C. perspective repeated in a new venue or on the national pages of a newspaper? Seems to me the reason the blogs have proliferated so is because we bring a different perspective than what D.C. insiders provide, a perspective that has been absent in the national debate for a long time–ours. Regular people’s.

    It will be interesting to watch The Politico, to see if they can extend the media revolution in any meaningful way. But it’s going to take more than just a reporter’s blog or two. After all, as Joe Klein is so effectively demonstrating, you can’t just write the same old stuff in a different medium and expect the people to call it new.

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